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Indonesia is among the world’s top coffee producing and exporting countries.  Being one of the best coffees in the world that has many unique flavors Indonesia’s coffee plantations cover a total area of approximately 1.24 million hectares, 933 hectares of robusta plantations and 307 hectares of arabica plantations. The opportunity export for Indonesian coffee is very high because the number of coffee connoisseurs in the country is still small compared to other countries.


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Arabica coffee tends to have a sweeter, softer taste with a berry flavor and has higher acidity than other coffees.



Robusta coffee has a basic taste, bitter, with high levels of caffeine, a stronger taste, and a nutty aftertaste.



Liberica coffee has a unique taste. Like the combination of the two previous coffees, Robusta and Arabica, Liberica has a bitter and sour taste, each of which is not too strong. This coffee has a flavor and aroma like jackfruit.

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Pure Grades

We can ensure pureness in the content of our coffee beans. They have extraordinary aroma and taste, as well as the standard level of caffeine contained in them. We can also ensure that our coffee beans are free from harmful substances and unpleasant aromas.

Wide Assortment

We provide several types of coffee, both the type of coffee, the type of coffee processing, and the grade of coffee. We provide robusta, arabica, and liberica coffee with various processing and grades.

Proper Shorting

We use high standards in our sorting process. We categorize them according to predetermined grades, ranging from universal coffee bean grades to specialty grades. We can ensure that the tree branches/trunks, leaves, coffee skins, and other objects from trees are not present in all grades of coffee beans.

High Quality

Coffee bean grade is a quality designation based on specified criteria. To get quality results, our coffee beans are treated with the utmost care at every step of the process. We are starting from the selection of coffee varieties, organic cultivation, harvested harvest, cherry sorting, drying, and sorting coffee beans to the storage process. We do it correctly and carefully by coffee processing standards to get good quality results.

Excellent Parering

We use a parering process with standard tools so that the skin of the coffee cherry can be peeled off properly and not left on the coffee beans which later affects the quality. In addition, we always check the machine so that the ground coffee beans are not broken and are still intact.

Awesome Aroma

We select coffee beans from plantations that are far away in the region of hardy plants such as rubber, pine, and other plants that can affect the aroma of the coffee beans. Moreover, we choose good-level soil plantations so that the aroma and coffee beans are of good quality.

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